João Loureiro e Associações, Lda.

João Loureiro e Associações, Lda.
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Postais Antigos do Estado da Índia

Loureiro, João | João Loureiro e Associações, Lda.

This album contains Dr. Loureiro’s collection of postcards from Goa and Daman and Diu constitutes a magnificent work on the Orient, accompanying two previous albums on Macau and Mozambique and nine studies published by the “Grande Reportagem” journal on the subject of Portugal’s former overseas territories. The author’s approach to this work was to plunge enthusiastically into a meticulous research and carefully targeted acquisition of many thousands of postcards which he acquired in so many different ways and from all over Portugal and abroad. The author organized and catalogued these postcards as he collected them, and today he is acknowledged to possess the largest and best collection on this subject, surpassing others held either by private collections or official bodies. The valuable collection of “pained cards”, to use the expression of Dr. Jorge Rangel in the Macau album, surpasses all others, and is justly described in the latter’s Foreword as being of considerable historiological value.