A Latent Class Segmentation Analysis of Gamblers in a Gambling Destination

A Latent Class Segmentation Analysis of Gamblers in a Gambling Destination

Li, Jun (Justin); Bonn, Mark; Kim, Jong-Hyeong



Latent class segmentation analysis; Gambling segmentation; Perceived value; Satisfaction; Repeat visitation


Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, Vol. 16, 2020, 100433



Gambling plays an important role in attracting tourists to destinations and significantly contributes to local economies through the generation of salaries and employment supported by visitor spending. Perceptions of value associated with the gambling experience, the gambling facility and the destination, along with the overall level of satisfaction with the visit and willingness to return, represent important categories of consumer information that must be obtained by marketing professionals to maximize opportunities for success in the highly competitive marketing environment. An exhaustive literature review confirmed few studies have investigated perceived value in a satisfaction-intention relationship framework involving visitor segmentation research. Data obtained from 409 gamblers were employed to segment consumers into four mutually exclusive groups based upon their perceived values, satisfaction, and likelihood of returning. Findings offer unique opportunities for gambling destination marketers to identify plausible target audiences and develop differentiated consumer relationship strategies based upon specific segments.